Finally, An Easy Way to  
Research Products 
on Amazon

Jungle Scout

it is your shortcut to finding Profitable Product Opportunities.

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The OLD Way

Go to Amazon, find a product, copy the information into an excel spreadsheet - name, category, price - run a formula to find the FBA fees, copy, paste, repeat, copy, paste, repeat, copy, paste, repeat.

You spend so much time doing product research that you don’t have time to do any product selling.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout collects everything you need to know at the click of a button.

With this Chrome extension you simply load the product page, activate the plugin and Voila! All the critical information that tells you when you’re on to a winner.

Selling rank, estimated sales volume, FBA fees, competition and more...

With Jungle Scout information at your fingertips you can quickly decide: will this product make you or break you?

Yes, It’s Compatible

Unlike some other guys, this is a Chrome browser extension. That means it works where you do, online. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Windows, Linux, or Mac. If you’re working, so is Jungle Scout.

Dominate Amazon COM and CO.UK Sites

Jungle Scout is 100% compatible with
Amazon US,
 UK and Germany

Plus, some data is available from other Amazon markets:
France, Spain, Japan to name a few.

Intuitive Interface

The Jungle Scout window opens on top of your Amazon page to show your data in all it’s glory.

View and sort by product name, brand, price, rank, estimated sales and revenue and fees. Everything you need to check out what is selling - and what you’re left with after fees.

Get even more by using the built in pagination and when you’re done, easily export all your details to csv.

Worried about overwhelm? Don’t worry - all the columns can be turned on and off so you see exactly what you want, and nothing that you don’t.

The Jungle Scout Secret Sauce:

Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue

Data without context can be the difference between a bestseller and a no-seller. And we all know that Amazon doesn’t give us any help in that department.

This is where Jungle Scout really pulls its weight.

Jungle Scout developers use a secret algorithm to convert a product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) to estimate the sales volume for every product.

In fact, Jungle Scout has one team member dedicated to optimizing this single most important piece of the product.

With this - so accurate, it’s mind boggling - information, you’re poised to boost your bottom line with more confidence than ever before.

Choose Your Size

Jungle Scout LITE

$97 one time fee

JS Lite shows you the bare necessities:

Estimated monthly sales

Estimated monthly revenue

Number of reviews

Average star rating

With those details you’ll get a bird's’ eye view of the product - a general picture of how it’s selling and whether people like it. If you need a starting place, and a safe place to dip your toes into the world of FBA selling, Jungle Scout LITE might be the right version for you.

Jungle Scout PRO

$197 one time fee

  • offers everything the LITE version does plus

FBA Fee Calculator

Number of Sellers

Dimesions & Weight, Oversize Indicator

Monthly Item Trends

The Jungle Scout PRO Game Changer
Search Results Filter

The right data is useful, but without this tool, you still have to take the time to sift through the results and pull out the products that catch your eyes.

With the Search Results Filter you set the criteria for ideal products. BSR < 2000? No problem. Price between $10-$40? Sure thing.

Set your criteria in Jungle Scout and you’ll see only the Profitable Product Opportunities that are important to you.

The Bottom Line

Jungle Scout Helps You Pick FBA Winners

Jungle Scout is relatively a simple way to use real data to choose your next Profitable Product Opportunity.

Do yourself a favor - ditch the spreadsheets and FBA fee formulas, or worse - choosing a product based on your ‘gut’. Start using software trusted by thousands to sort through the noise and identify clear opportunities.